Tailor-made or at catalogue solutions

telecamera-industrialeAceLabs excels in the design and manufacture of higlhy specialized and customized to address tha lack of standards and solutions to enable its customers to operate even in the presence of a fault condition, which would render ineffective the common systems on the market.

In this regard AceLabs is proud to propose some solutions customized according to the specific needs of some of our customers like Bvlgari Gioielli SpaMemc Electronic Materials Spa and Cugher Glass Srl.

The technological and manufacturing facility of AceLabs in the mechanical and electronic field possible to cut down the time to market of the systems offered, ensuring total control over the entire development of the project.

The company has significant experience in the implementation of illuminators, designed and vertically oriented on the need of each customer while maintaining equitable threshold of investment required.

The success of the solutions proposed by AceLabs stems from a thorough understanding of customer needs and technological process of production to be measured, inspected and tested.

Inspection machines
  • Inspection machines for quality control based on artificial vision technologies

sistema visione minuterieAceLabs produces at catalog for specific sectors, complete quality control machines, able to inspect every single piece in series or individually. The machines are modular and customizable.

Vision systems for manufacturers of industrial machines
  • Vision systems for manufacturers of industrial machines

20180412_105043AceLabs designs and manufactures on behalf of manufacturers of automatic industrial machines of any sector, artificial vision systems to be integrated into every product machinery, acting as a integrator and acting as a research and development specifically for vision.

Vision systems for the end user
  • Vision systems for the end user


In any industry, it is increasingly crucial to have adequate inspection and control processes, those who have these needs are often end users.

In this case, AceLabs designs and manufactures artificial vision systems to be implemented in the machinery of the end user, studying how to adapt the solution to production.

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