AceMACCLite is a semiautomatic bench test machine that allows carrying out capacity tests on manually positioned containers. The test is performed automatically thanks to a Cartesian robot and a filling straw, to minimize errors due to the operator and have objectivity and repeatability in the tests.

AceMACCLite is positioned halfway between AceMACC2.0 and MACC Manual in the AceLabs offer of capacity/volume measurement machines. The solutions have the same processing software, what changes are the size and automation.

The machine is designed for quality control laboratories of companies that produce containers of different materials such as glass, PET and cans.

Semiautomatic machine for capacity/volume measurement

Caratteristiche principali
  • Container capacity: minimum 80ml / maximum 3000ml
  • Container height: minimum 50mm / maximum 400mm
  • Container diameter: minimum 40mm / maximum 180mm
  • Maximum container weight (at the end of the test) 10000g
  • Maximum level dimension 130mm
  • Automatic filling system
  • Touch display
  • Support for filling straw with retraction and emergency stop sensor
  • Graduated filling straw with zero mark
  • Pump for filling control
  • Flow sensor
  • Water temperature sensor with extended range
  • Software correction of the separate mouth satin by article
  • Optical level sensor
  • Laser container mouth sensor
Types of inspection
  • User fill height capacity measurement
  • Brimfull capacity measurement
  • Test report generation
  • Small size
  • User-defined fill level
  • Automatic compensation of water temperature and density
  • Possibility of connection to the factory management software
  • Intuitive operation thanks to the simple and touch interface
  • Reports generated according to industry regulations
  • Cartesian filling robot
  • Low running costs

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