About us


AceLabs designs and manufactures automated systems and solutions for quality control for industry and based on artificial vision technologies.

The solutions AceLabs, based on the visual characteristics of the monitored products, are able to derive the process information for the purposes of evaluation and measurement of quality parameters, the determination of the position of objects in space, the evaluation of volume and surface area, and reading and decoding of text and codes.


AceLabs is able to create for the customer and the customer projects and innovative solutions, directly managing every stage of the process, from concept to final implementation. To date AceLabs computes different vision systems installed in different parts of the world as shown in the image to the side, to assurance customers that branded systems have proven completely AceLabs their quality and efficiency in the field.

The offer AceLabs

AceLabs  designs and manufactures equipment, systems and solutions for the tridimensional reconstruction of surfaces, non-contact measurement, verification of the correct cutting and metal forming, monitoring continuous material (paper, cloth, plastic film, rubber, sheet metal) in 2D and 3D, robot guidance, quality control in packaging, quality control and verification variable data printing, reading and verification of codes (text, barcode, datamatrix) control and presence of parts and components, verify correct installation, assembly and mating.

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