AceFoilChecker is a vision system designed to inspect tapes of different sizes and materials, allowing you to classify and recognize defects, generating a complete software mapping.

The system consists of one or more high resolution linear scan cameras to frame the entire width of the belt according to the desired resolution, two special linear illuminators to more effectively identify even the most difficult to detect defects.

Thanks to an intuitive interface and the high modularity of the vision system, in AceFoilChecker, multiple quality controls can be installed independently according to the control needs. Our solution is fully adaptable both in size and in function.


100% quality control vision system for roll to roll materials

Main features
  • One or more line scan industrial cameras with resolutions from 2K to 16K
  • LED incident light linear illuminator up to 2500mm
  • LED incident light linear backlight up to 2500mm
  • Panel PC Touch Full HD 21.5
  • Pulpit electrical panel
Types of inspection
  • Folds, drafts, wrinkles
  • Holes, tears
  • Production residues, impurities
Ideal for
  • Lines and process roll to roll machines for Aluminum
  • Lines and process roll to roll machines for Composite materials
  • Process and roll to roll lines for electronic condensers



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