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Inspection machine for complex flat surfaces

AcePlanarInspector is a complete machine for the quality control and measurement of complex flat surfaces, which due to their complexity, require a lot of time for a visual manual inspection, this allows to reduce the inspection time and make the production cycle more efficient.

The machine is automated and managed with a computer, which allows to control the screen with a powerful zoom of every single part of the inspected surface, if there is a need to carry out further checks on the image acquired, thanks to the high quality cameras of the installed vision system. AcePlanarInspector reports defects directly on the inspected surface, by means of a built-in projector and also marks with a laser printer the code OK / Waste, with the possibility of adding other codes such as lot numbers, and progressive numbers.

Thanks to an intuitive interface and the high modularity of the vision system installed, with AcePlanarInspector, you can independently install multiple quality controls according to control needs. Our solution is completely adaptable both in terms of size and functions.

  • Aspirated plane to stop the surface in inspection, activated by a keyboard
  • Brushless motor with drive suitable for the load
  • Controlled linear axis able to move the aspirated plane below the optical group
  • Linear color camera with 16k pixel resolution
  • Diffused light illuminator in three colors to obtain very high color images
  • Projector to report defects
  • Industrial printer to report defects
  • 42″ Full HD Monitor
  • Keyboard built into the machine
  • Waste viewer on monitor with powerful zoom
  • Options and commands that can be called via simple icons
  • Generation of result file
  • Storing all images in compressed images
  • Reading codes and datamatrix
  • Remote Assistance: the system is set up to have remote support via a dedicated VPN connection.
  • Precise and detailed vision with powerful zoom
  • Performing multiple functions in an instant
  • Intuitive operation thanks to the simple interface
  • Reduction of visual fatigue to the operator
  • Reduction of inspection time in the production cycle
  • Control of arbitrary shapes on flat surfaces
  • Track control (thickness, continuity)
  • Metrology on the whole panel surface
  • Reading codes in general
Types of materials
  • Every type
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