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System for controlling the breaking of the serigraphic frame

This system installed in the automotive field (production of car glasses), rupture occurs through the identification of the serigraphic frame, downstream of the printing station, the presence of paint on a roller installed in the transport system. The image acquisition is done through a linear camera and the lighting is designed and tailored by AceLabs.

The software is developed in C# that, under Windows, allows it to be functional on as many PC with very different characteristics between them.


Aid system to the alignment of the serigraphic frame

This system installed in the automotive sector (production of car glasses), allows you to make and verify the correct alignment between the frame and the glass serigraphic, by verifying the location of specific markers present on the frame.

In the semi-automatic version the operator is guided in alignment operations (performed manually), while in the automatic version the application acts directly on the handling of the frame.

The alignment verification is done through the acquisition of images from two cameras located at the ends of the frame; the unique lighting system, which includes a laser pointer for easier verification of proper alignment, it is designed and built by AceLabs.

The software is developed in C# that, under Windows, allows it to be functional on as many pc with very different characteristics between them.


Solution for screen printing Edge to Edge

The application E2E®, installed in the automotive sector (production of car glasses), uses a 2-axis CNC board to control a robot cartesian XY on which is mounted a suction nozzle which, during the various phases of screen printing on glass, aspires the excess paint in correspondence with the edges. It is possible to set the exact profile to be tracked through the loading files in DXF or CNC (ISO G code).

The system allows a considerable reduction in cycle time of the press as the aspiration occurs during printing (the nozzle “chases” the doctor blade in the printing step and precedes the next stage without the need for excessive wait times).

E2E® is a registered trademark by Cugher Glass S.r.l.

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Edge to Edge