Vision system for guidance of robots

AceRoboPicker is an artificial vision system that allows you to orientate and guide the robot to manipulate or pick up pieces, components or products of any kind and shape.

AceRoboPicker consists of industrial cameras that are positioned according to the field to be framed, the illuminators that allow illuminating the vision field to allow the robot to view and pick up the pieces and an operator panel that manages the system and the data of the robot.

Each AceRoboPicker vision system is a customizable and taylormade solution, because robots could perform various tasks and manipulating different pieces, can be used in every production process and in several manufacturing sectors. For the manipulation of small components it is necessary to use singulators that position the pieces for the manipulation of the robot.

Our solution is highly adaptable and modular, can be implemented in production lines or installed stand alone in automatic selection machines.

  • High resolution industrial cameras
  • Illuminators with diffused light in three colors to obtain very high images
  • Variable size illuminators
  • Full HD monitor with keyboard / touch
  • Options and commands that can be recalled using simple icons
  • Operator station
  • Singularizer for piece positioning (Optional)
  • Intuitive operation thanks to the simple interface
  • Manipulation of pieces of every size
  • Precise piece display
  • Connection to every automation software PLC’s
  • Robot guidance
  • Manipulation of pieces in every position
Application areas
  • Metalworks
  • Glass
  • Packaging
  • Plastic
  • Automotive
  • Hardware
  • Taps, valves
Product details

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