Quality control printing

It is a vital tool for quality control to ensure proper mating of forms of copy paper (eg. postal forms, newsletters, etc.).

When the codes characteristic reported on each copy of the form are printed in an independent manner by different printing lines, during the assembly phase of the module is necessary to verify that the codes of the individual pages are consistent and of good quality.

AceMultiDocument integrates the functions of verification of the ”tail coupling” of individual sheets from the different lines of print, with the typical functions of quality control printing that, in the case of bar-code, is reflected in the measurement of height and width of code, minimum sizes, average and maximum of the bars, the relative sizes between narrow bars and wide, uniform color, contrast, position and direction.

The high performance (up to a 360.000 modules/h) and an extremely compact thanks to its special optical configuration of the head of inspection, make this system the ideal solution for installation on newer  systems and performance, both on the least date, which does not natively integrate a system artificial vision.

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