Vision system for manual alignment of pressing for plate pairs

AceManualAligner is an artificial vision system that allows the operator to manually align sheet pairs of each material for pressing. Thanks to its specular cameras, the system allows the alignment of the material for pressing in every part of the plate.

AceManualAligner consists of two matrix industrial cameras, specularly positioned above and below the worktop, 2 concentric illuminators positioned under the cameras that illuminate the part and an industrial PC that allows to mix the images acquired by the two cameras, in order to see the alignment of the plate both for the upper face and for the lower face.

Thanks to an intuitive interface and the high modularity of the vision system, AceManualAligner is very simple to set up, by means of 4 buttons you can control both the alignment of the upper and lower camera. Our solution is completely adaptable both in terms of size and function, therefore with larger and variable plates it is necessary to install multiple cameras and several illuminators in different points to center all the ends of the material.

  • Matrix industrial camera (customizable)
  • Concentric illuminator with diffused light in three colors to obtain very high resolution images
  • Full HD monitor with keyboard / touch
  • Options and commands that can be recalled using simple icons
  • Intuitive operation thanks to the simple interface
  • Reduction of visual fatigue to the operator
  • Fast centering
  • Alignment of images generated by the cameras
  • Mixing images
Application areas
  • Metalworking
  • Glass
  • Packaging
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Paper
Product details

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