Vision system for the inspection of plastic films on thermowelding machines

AceFilmInspector is an inspection system based on artificial vision technologies, ideal for inspecting plastic film surfaces of all types, such as the presence of foreign bodies, such as insects or material residues. The structure is highly customizable and adaptable to any type of machine.

The system consists of a linear industrial camera that frames the material, a linear illuminator that allows to illuminate the part to be inspected and a pc station that allows the processing of the acquired images, data management and waste signals.

Thanks to an intuitive interface and the high modularity of the vision system, in AceFilmInspector, you can independently install multiple quality controls based on control needs. Our solution is completely adaptable both in terms of size and functions.

  • Monochromatic linear industrial camera (customizable)
  • Diffused light illuminator in three colors to obtain very high resolution images
  • Illuminator with variable dimensions
  • Full HD monitor with keyboard / touch
  • Operator station
  • Options and commands that can be recalled using simple icons
  • Generation of result files
  • Images storage in compressed images
  • Remote assistance: the system is set up to support remotely via a dedicated VPN connection.
  • Intuitive operation thanks to the simple interface
  • Reduction of the presence of foreign bodies on material
  • Reduction of visual fatigue to the operator
  • Reduction of inspection time in the production cycle
  • Aesthetic surface control
  • Control of the presence of foreign bodies
Application areas
  • Plastic
  • Packaging
Product details

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