Mechanical - Steel

Mechanical – steel

The Mechanical-Steel sector finds production support applications such as machine vision systems as with systems it is possible to carry out checks even in harsh environments such as high heat, dirt or chemicals where the human eye can not reach .

AceLabs machine vision systems composed by thermal cameras allow various activities such as the control of melting furnaces or metal treatment, the control of the length of bars or metal sheets in the iron and steel sector, and in the mechanics the possibility of supervising each single piece allowing to understand if the finished product respects the tolerance imposed by the customer.

Possible applications:

Three-dimensional reconstruction of surfaces, non-contact measurements, Correct verification of shearing and deformation of sheet metal, rubber or plastic, Continuous material control (paper, fabric, plastic film, rubber, sheet, etc.), robot guide, Quality control in packaging, Quality control of printing and verification of variable data, reading and verification of codes in general (text, barcode, datamatrix etc.), verification of correct assembly, assembly, coupling, selection and ordering of industrial components and small parts, selection of raw materials and material from recycling.

List of products for the mechanical engineering and steel sector:

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