Non-contact measurements 2D/3D


Acquisition and processing system image gallery for pathological analyzes 

The system, through the use of stepper motors, allows you to open the patient’s record, capture the image through keyboard commands, mouse or pedalboard and simultaneously view two or more images for visual comparison.

The software is developed in C# that, under Windows,  allows it to be functional on as many PC even with very different characteristics between them.

also in: Italian


  • Opening folder patient through keyboard, mouse or barcode reader;
  • Scan paper documents that accompany the patient card;
  • Capture images and video through keyboard commands, mouse or pedalboard;
  • Control of the acquisition parameters such as:
    • Contrast
    • Brightness
    • White balancing
    • Multiple integrations (for the reduction of noise)
    • MATRIX mode for the choice of focus area or optical zoom and digital
  • Capturing  and saving images and videos in most common formats;
  • Contemporary  visualization of two or more images to the visual comparison;
  • Processing functions and image processing aimed at highlighting significant features (sharpen, local contrast, etc);
  • Metrology: linear measurements, calculating perimeters and areas;
  • Overlay of useful information directly on the image plane;
  • Connecting audio files to images;
  • Placing  the DBServer images local or remote;
  • Visibility of DB images at every point on the local network or external if you possess the necessary authorizations;
  • Hospital within the data connection.


This sytem  meets the needs of those  who want to reduce a great deal of resources and improve processes.